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The University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool) is a top-ranked research and teaching college where faculty, staff, and students are passionate about using information and technology to break down barriers and create exciting new possibilities.

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Working with community, academic, and industry partners to create information science solutions and create learning and career opportunities for students.

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Offering Bachelor, Master, PhD, and Certificate programs to prepare the next generation of information professionals and researchers. 

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Supporting new generations of students through scholarships, internships, and connections while enjoying networking and other benefits.

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  • Student and staff member at school library

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    Creating opportunities for students to learn inside and outside of the classroom alongside school librarians.

  • Dr. Jonathan Lazar (far right) and class visiting Dr. Raja Kushalnagar (far left) at Gallaudet University

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    Working with industry, community, and LIS partners to create hands-on learning opportunities for students and revolutionize curriculum.

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    Confidence in Institutions in a Time of Mistrust

    UMD iSchool faculty discuss having confidence in government and institutions despite growing mistrust caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Twitter logo

    Mic: The Bitcoin scam that hit Twitter could have been way worse, featuring Jen Golbeck

    Recent Twitter hacks demonstrate how misusage of the platform can be detrimental depending on the goals and timing of the attackers.

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  • Aug 12

    MLIS to host Virtual Information Session

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  • Aug 17

    Master of Information Management Virtual Information Session and Live Q & A

  • Aug 25

    New Faculty Orientation - University Wide

  • Aug 31

    First Day of Classes

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